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Apa yang dimaksud dengan Semi Auto, Revolvers, Single Action dan Doubel Action dalam kaitannya dengan Pistol:

Semi-autos use part of the energy produced by burning cartridge powder to remove the used cartridge from the chamber, cock the hammer (or striker) and load a new cartridge in the chamber, so the pistol will be ready for the next shot. Cartridges are usually fed from a box magazine, located in the pistol’s handle. Box magazines may contain up to 15 cartridges (or more) in single or double columns, depending on the pistol model, and are easy (and very quick) to reload.

Customized revolver with heavy barrel. Cylinder in open position Revolvers got their name from the rotating (or Revolving) cylinder, which contains cartridges. Usually the cylinder holds from 5 to 7 loads, although some .22 caliber revolvers may contain up to 8-10 cartridges. Loads in the cylinder may be reloaded in 2 ways (depending on revolver design) – one by one, as, for example, the Colt PeaceKeeper does (and almost all old-timers), or all simulateounosly – when the cylinder is switched to the side or when the is frame “broke open.”

Both revolvers and semi-autos have two main “action styles”: Single action and Double action.

Single Action means, that the Revolver must be manually cocked (and, thus, the cylinder is rotated to the next cartridge) for each shot. This mode was the only one available in all old-time revolvers (such as the Peacekeeper), and is still available in most double-action revolvers. This mode improves accuracy but slows the fire rate. For Semi-autos, Single Action means that the pistol must be manually cocked for the first shot (usually, this is done by pulling the slide – this action cocks the hammer and feeds a cartridge into the chamber). For the second, and all consecutive shots, cocking is done automatically, when recoil force pulls back the slide.

Double Action for the Revolver means that the hammer for each (including the f irst) shot is cocked by trigger pull (this action also rotates the cylinder to the next position). This mode speeds up the firing rate and simplifies shooting actions, but greatly increases trigger pull (from 2.2-4.4 lbs usually found in single-actions, to 8.8-12.2 lbs in double-actions). For the Semi-autos, the hammer is usually cocked by trigger pull for the first shot only; the second and the rest are done in single-action mode. However, first load must be fed in the chamber by the slide pull. Some (most of them – compact) semi-autos and revolvers employ Double-action-only mode, which cocks the trigger for each shot, thus excluding single-action.

One of the biggest questions about handguns is: Why the Six-guns (a slang TERM for Revolvers) are stil alive when there’s a big lot of the very reliable and larger capacity semi-auto handguns? The oldest answer is – reliability. Usually, given the same price (in low- or mid-range of prices), the revolvers were more reliable, primarily, because of the simplicity of the design. Today there’s a lot of inexpensive semi-autos, that can hold twice or even triple as much loads ready to fire, than the common sixguns. But revolvers still alive. One of the main reasons to keep the revolver is that they’re almost insencetive to ammunition. If your cartridge is capable of pushing a bullet thru the barrel of the sixgun – you got the working gun. No jams, no stoppages. Even in the case of the misfire you just got to pull the trigger again – and next round will go. In semi-auto, you need sufficient power to cycle the slide, thus rendering underpowered loads almost inoperable in semi-autos. Also, in case of the misfire, or jam, you should manually cycle the slide to fire the next round. In defensive scenario, this may cos you another second, and may be – your life. So, in general, sixguns are far less sensetive to ammo quality, and, due to simplicity and inherent design features, could withstand far more abuse. Also, when you go to the other, high-end of the loads (speaking in the terms of power), no semi-autos could withstand the power of loads such as .454casull or .475Linebaugh. Sixguns could.
Main drawbacks of the sixguns are small ammo capacity, slower reloading and bulkier size. While 6 rounds may be sufficient for self-defence scenarios, it may be really insufficient for the police or SpecOps actions. Also, replacing the magazine in semi-auto ususlly is much faster process than reloading a revolvers’ drum. And, due to significant cylinder diameter, even the 5-shot revolvers are harder to carry concealed, than the modern compact handguns, while the latter could hold tvice as much cartridges.
Final selection of the guns is, undoubtfully, the owners’ responcebility, but, in my opinion, revolvers are more suitable for civilians’ self-defence and for hunting, while semi-autos are better combat and police guns.



Oleh : Letjend (Purn) Z.A. Maulani

(Mantan Kepala BAKIN)

Tugas Intelijen adalah Pengabdian Mutlak Tanpa Pamrih

Kemampuan dan kualitas kinerja intelijen ditentukan oleh kehandalan dan kualitas dari sistem pendidikan dan pelatihan yang merupakan wujud upaya untuk menjadikan seseorang cakap dan matang melalui pembekalan kemampuan profesional dan pemberian pengalaman secara sistematik.

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Oleh : Letjend (Purn) Z.A. Maulani

(Mantan Kepala BAKIN)

Pengertian Dasar

Intelligence is knowledge, demikian secara generik menurut kamus. Jargon militer mengartikan – intelligence is foreknowledge. – kemampuan “weruh sadurunge winarah”. Meski intelijen diharapkan weruh sadurunge winarah, tatkala garis pertahanan Bar Lev Israel di Gurun Sinai hancur berkeping-keping pada ofensif Oktober 1973 oleh serbuan yang mendadak dari jenderal Sazely dalam Perang Ramadhan, orang hampir-hampir tidak bisa percaya bahwa badan intelijen Mossad yang legendaris itu ternyata tidak memiliki kawruh akan adanya ofensif di hari raya Youm Kippur sesuai dengan reputasinya yang digembar-gemborkan selama ini.

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Kaliber secara umum menyatakan ukuran peluru yang dipakai pada senjata api. Kaliber dilihat dari diameter atau garis tengah peluru, atau dari diameter isi lorong laras. Read More »

Tiga tentara Kanada pendukung koalisi NATO tewas dan satu tentara lainnya mengalami luka serius akibat ledakan di tepi jalan di Afghanistan

Hidayatullah.com–Tiga tentara Kanada tewas dan satu tentara lainnya mengalami luka serius akibat ledakan di tepi jalan, saat mereka sedang melakukan pengintaian, demikian menurut militer dalam taklimat yang disiarkan televisi, Kamis.

Para tentara itu adalah zeni tempur yang sedang berpatroli di distrik Zhari, Afghanistan selatan, ketika sebuah bom rakitan meledak dekat kendaraan mereka, Rabu pukul 10.30 waktu setempat (pukul 13.30 WIB), kata Brigadir Jenderal Denis Thompson, seperti dilaporkan AFP.

“Mereka adalah tim mata-mata zeni tempur dan mereka di tempat itu sedang melakukan pengintaian rutin,” kata Thompson.

“Mereka sedang dalam perjalanan mereka ke tempat itu di mama mereka akan melakukan pengintaian di rute yang akan digunakan untuk operasi pada masa depan.”

Tentara yang terluka itu dalam keadaan serius tapi stabil di rumah sakit, kata Thompson.

Kanada mempertahankan kesatuan 2.500 tentara di daerah Kandahar sebagai bagian dari Pasukan Bantuan Keamanan Internasional pimpinan-NATO. Sejak dimulainya misi itu pada 2002, 93 tentara dan satu diplomat Kanada telah tewas. [ant/www.hidayatullah.com]

Caliber(s): 12,7×108 (M99-I) or 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99-II)
Operation: gas operated semi-automatic
Barrel: mm
Weight: ~12 kg (unloaded, less telescope sight)
Length: 1500 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5-round detachable box magazine

The M99 rifle is offered as anti-materiel / anti-sniper weapon, and is available in two calibers – 12,7×108 (M99-I) and 12,7×99 / .50BMG (M99-II). No firm facts are available on accuracy of this weapon, but it is believed that it shoots about 2 MOA with Chinese standard issue ammunition. This is way below Western “sniping” standards but more or less enough for anti-materiel work or short-range enemy snipers suppression.

Not much information is available on internals of this rifle, although it is believed that it uses gas operated action with tipping bolt locking. Feed is from detachable box magazines holding five rounds of ammunition. Rifle is fitted with adjustable bipod, adjustable rear monopod, and buffered buttstock. Top of receiver is fitted with Picatinny style rail which will accept a variety of sighting equipment on appropriate mounts. Typical sighting set-up includes either a 10X fixed power telescope or 4-12X or 7-22X variable power telescope sights.

Terjemahan menyusul

Steyr AMR 5075 prototype

Steyr IWS 2000 prototype

Steyr 15.2mm cartridge compared to 7.62mm NATO (.308 Wichester) cartridge

Steyr 15.2mm cartridge schematic
Caliber(s): 15.2mm Steyr APFSDS
Operation: long recoil, semi-automatic
Barrel: 1200 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Length: 1800 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box mag.
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Steyr .50HS heavy sniper rifle, with folded bipod

Caliber: .50BMG (12.7x99mm) or .460Steyr
Operation: manually operated rotating bolt action
Barrel: 833 mm (33″)
Weight: 12.4 kg
Length: 1370 mm (54″)
Feed Mechanism: single shot, no magazine
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The main purpose of the sniper rifle is to destroy valuable targets at extended ranges with aimed fire, and with as few ammunition as possible. In most cases, “the target” means the human being (enemy soldier, armed criminal, terrorist, president etc.), and the “as few ammunition as possible” often means “one shot”. The range for sniper fire may vary from 100 meters or even less in police/counter-terror scenarios, or up to 1 kilometer or more – in military or special operations scenarios.
Some sniper rifles, mostly – large caliber ones, used also as anti-material weapons, to destroy, or, more often, render unusable or unoperable, targets such as radar cabins, jeeps, parked aircrafts etc.
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Segala puji hanya milik Allah Rabbul ‘alamin, Shalawat dan salam semoga senantiasa tercurah kepada Nabi kita Muhammad, keluarganya dan para shahabat.

Pada pagi ini kita akan bersama-sama mengkaji tauhid dan materi sekarang yang pertama berkenaan dengan muqaddimah yang sangat penting, yang mana dari muqadimah ini kita akan mengetahui betapa besar kedudukan tauhid dibandingkan dengan amal-amal yang lainnya. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala mengatakan dalam surat Adz Dzariyat: 56

“Aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia kecuali supaya mereka mengabdi kepadaKu”

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